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Crab & Winkle Cupboard

The old 'Crab and Winkle' line between Canterbury and Whitstable was the world's first regular passenger railway line. It has a fascinating history involving Brunel, Telford and Stephenson. The route is now part of the national cycle network.
The Canterbury to Whitstable ley line, incidentally, follows a similar route from St Augustine's Abbey, past the neolithic mounds in Clowes Wood to end at the great shingle finger known locally as the 'Street' in Tankerton... check it out.

The idea for a driftwood cupboard to celebrate this slice of local history came to me while carving a crab into a piece of driftwood. This relief carving became the panel for the left hand door... the rest followed on from that.

Height 29 inches, width 34 inches, depth 18 inches.