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Dinghy Cabinet

It's always a welcome change to work with colour when I have enough painted pieces of driftwood.

The two doors of this cabinet are cut from a piece of wood which was once a seat across the prow of a dinghy.

The wood for the frame around the door has one beaded edge, a turnbuckle latch and hinge cutouts, suggesting that it was once part of a different door framework at some time in the past. It was also quite clearly burnt at some time too.

The sides of the cupboard are constructed in the usual manner with fitted top and bottom rails, but the panel has been filled in with horizontal lengths of driftwood, giving a colourful, stripy look. This method is a great way of giving a use to all those short pieces of driftwood which tend to accumulate.

The top is made from a pink-painted (as found) piece of hardwood which I framed using a length of driftwood mahogany. I then decided to give the edges an irregular profile and carve splashes into the top surface to give the appearance of the pink rectangle being dropped into a muddy puddle.

Height 28 inches, top 24 x 15 inches.