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Greenwood chairs

Chestnut chairs can be made to order.
These are made entirely from locally coppiced chestnut, an abundant and renewable resource with a long history in this part of Kent. Demand for coppiced chestnut has declined dramatically over recent decades.
The curved back legs of the chairs are taken from the bottom of the chestnut stems where they naturally bend in to the coppice stools. These sections are cleft with a froe to provide two pairs of back legs which are then, along with the rest of the chair's components (taken from further up the stem) roughly shaped with an axe and then finally shaped to size with a drawknife and spokeshave.
All cutting and shaping takes place in the woods, then all components are taken back to the home workshop for drying and assembly.
The seat is woven from strips of chestnut bark.These are as supple as strips of leather while green but dry to give an attractive, strong and hard-wearing seat.
The chairs are finished with three coats of linseed oil

chestnut armchair

steam-bent ash side-chair

woven bark seat

detail of carving