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Aerial-view of Swale Oare Creek Navigation chart

Oare Creek joins Faversham Creek at Hollow-shore, just north of Faversham These two tidal creeks are two of many which dissect the salt-marshes in this part of Kent to run into the Swale which is the great swathe of water running l-r above the centre of the aerial photo.Oare and Faversham creeks can be seen as an inverted 'Y' shape joining the Swale just below the centre of the picture. Harty Ferry, near the mouth of Faversham Creek once had a working passenger ferry to the Isle of Sheppey (the land at the top of the picture) and rumours occasionally surface of the service being resumed. Horse Sands can be seen in the mouth of the Swale to the right of the picture, this sand bank is partially uncovered at low tide and is a regular haunt of the local common seals. The salt-marshes in this part of Kent are popular with walkers (the Saxon-shore Way passes along both sides of Oare Creek), boat-owners and bird-watchers (these wetlands support great numbers of waders and other bird species).

Further information on the creeks can be found at Faversham's website.

Information on the natural history of the saltmarshes can be found at the Kent wildlife trust site

For the latest bird sightings, view the Kent Ornithological Society site

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