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Whelk Cupboard

Not a cupboard for storing whelks, just a cupboard with a couple of whelks carved on it. The length of driftwood from which the door is made was initially going to be used as shelves for a bookcase but a hole appeared as I was wire-brushing the wood to remove the soft bits. It soon became clear that the wood was not suitable for shelving, so I abandoned that idea and used it to make a door instead... I filled the hole with beach pebbles from Whitstable.
This method of allowing designs to mutate and deviate from an original idea is typical of my way of working and all part of the fun as long as I leave myself open to go with the flow.
The lovely old hinges were kindly given to me by a friend and the door-bolt was found by my daughter in a fire-pit at a campsite near Deal where we stayed during the summer.